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Heritage Breeder Series

Heritage Breeder Series

Heritage Breeders Series I contents:
Originally published January 2003-March 2009
Ali Pasha Sherif, Spencer Borden, Mekeel Family, Sheykh Obeyd, Albigowa State Stud, Rush Creek Arabians (Carolyn and Tom Wells III), Gail and David Liniger, Carolyn and Richard Hasbrook, Duke of Veragua, Crete Harvey, Doyle Family, Anne McCormick, Dora Maclean, Pat and Carl Hendershot, Jackie and Paul Polk Family, Mary Belle and Frank Smathers Family, Sweet Home Arabians (Charlene and Ken Robinson Family), Martin Leober, Count Waclaw Rzewuski, Nellie and Roy Jackson, Loyal and Jack McMillan, Marta and Bill Owens Family, Ben Hur Arabians (Blanche and Herbert Tormohlen)
Heritage Breeders Series II contents:
Originally published April 2009-September 2013
Oakwerth Arabians (Mary Jo and Steve Wertheimer), Laila and Toik Halberg, The Soltau Family, Maplewood Arabians (The Sause Family), Nodoroma Farm (Sauey Family), Valhalla Farm (The Pete Clausen Family), Kurozweki State Stud, Dr. Bert and Ruth Husband Family, Grand Arabians (Linda Mehney), Kings of Egypt – Farad and Faroukh, Duchess of Rutland – Frances Dowager, Countess Penelope Lewenhaupt, Lady Anne Lytton, U.S. Remount, Gumniska Stud, Harwood Arabian Stud, The Wendell Hansen Family, LaCroix Family, F. E. Lewis II, Bialka State Stud, Grandeur Arabians (Kitty and Stanley White), Green Acres Arabians (Harold West Family), Paula and Pete McNeil, Willomar (Lynn and George Allen)