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Foundation Breeder Series

Foundation Breeder Series

Foundation Breeders Series 1 contents:
July 1996 – February 1998
The McCoy Tradition, The Kale Family, Gainey Fountainhead Arabians, Al-Marah Arabians, Jennie and Lester Walton, Dr. Sam Harrison, Don and Judi Forbis, Director Ignacy Jaworowski, Sheila Varian, Charles and Jenne Craver, Richard Pritzlaff, The Crabbet Arabian Stud
Foundation Breeders Series 2 contents:
April 1998 – July 1999
Selby Stud, The Strand Family, BruMarBa Arabian Stud, Babson Arabian Horse Farm, Bear Claw and Bo-Gin, Marge Tone, Garth and Joe Buchanan, General Jacob McGavock Dickinson, Martha Ann and Joe Cassel, Bill and Pat Trapp, Andrzej Krzysztalowicz, The Frisco Mari Family
Foundation Breeders Series 3 contents:
March 2003-September 2010:
Alice Payne and Family, Richard Patterson and Kay Patterson Sharpnack, Rosemary Archer and Family, Bill and Mae Munson and Family, The Tersk Stud, Albert W. Harris, Janice Gerrard, Lady Yule and Gladys Yule, Balbona Stud, W.K. Kellogg/Cal Poly, Evelyna and Lloyd Button, Hans Nagel’s Katherinenhof